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Surplus BeltingSurplus Belting

Surplus Conveyors are an innovative Australian owned and operated company providing a unique conveyor belt recycling service.

We purchase used conveyor belting and are able to process it into various second life products which greatly reduces the impact on a world wide resource that has of late been in short supply.

We Have

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  • A purpose built facility capable of processing large volumes of material.
  • A very strong customer service & commitment philosophy
  • A seamless transport & logistics network
  • A strong environmental and socially accepted focus


Corporate Responsibility

Corporate ResponsibilitySurplus conveyors have an absolute commitment to being responsible corporate citizens. We pride ourselves on being an environmentally and socially responsible company. Through strong leadership and dedicated systems of operation we are able to operate at a truly sustainable level.


  • Operate under a Comprehensive Environmental Management System
  • Ensure our staff understand and operate under our systems and the impact those systems have on our business and clients
  • Represent  only actual achievements in remanufacturing and recycling rubber conveyor belting


Global Commitment

95% of used conveyor belting received at Surplus Conveyors is either re-manufactured at our premises in Naval Base or processed to a lessor extent and exported overseas where it is processed into crumb rubber. This means that inappropriate use of our products is nonexistent.   As part of our global commitment;

We Ensure

  • How the end product is being used and that it is a legal and appropriate use
  • That no child labour is being used to process or handle our products in susceptible regions
  • That our products are not burnt as a cheap fuel.
  • That it benefits and adds value to our buyers and end users worldwide
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Our Process



Recycling and RemanufacturingRemanufacturing1

Uniquely Surplus Conveyors have recycled belting that we have originally supplied, this is a true “Cradle to Grave” service that has seen operators achieve superior economic benefits in their operations.

We Have

  • By December 2012, remanufactured and recycled 160,000 tonnes of used conveyor belting both steel cord and nylon reinforced
  • Cranes and forklift equipment to handle up to 50 tonne rolls or cassettes of belting at our factory in Naval Base
  • A seamless transport & logistics network with plenty of experience in remote site inspections, audits and belt removal
  • A constant development of services and products philosophy to deliver the best outcome for our clients.


Used Conveyor Belt Processing Reports

Our clients often require actual historic processed belting data to meet their business units compliance with legislation and company objectives. For that reason we are able to generate a client or site specific report that represents accurately all of the accumulated information into a simple graph.


What Do We Do With It?

Surplus Conveyors remanufactures belting into anti slip matting which is used in many countries around the world predominately America, Canada, England, Japan, China and Mexico. This has been of great benefit in preventing people and animals from injury due to insecure footing.


  • Walkways and Hardstand Industrial Facilities
  • Horse Yards, Stables, Floats and Transit Points
  • Cattle Yards, Feed Lots, Transport and Processing Areas
  • Others Include Piggeries and Sheep Yards.
  • Benefits are – Soft / Pliable Footfall = Animal Welfare, Durable and Hardwearing, Environmentally Friendly , Hygienic, Easy To Clean and Cost Effective
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Rubber conveyor belting that can not be remanufactured is recycled.

Surplus Conveyors inspects, cleans and can shape this belt through either shaving and or slitting making it ideal for recycling into everyday products people often take for granted. When the roll has been assessed and graded it is exported to qualified processors in compliance with our standards for processing into crumbed rubber.


The uses for crumbed rubber by secondary manufacturers are only limited by their imaginations, representing an economical resource crumbed rubber has found many ways of being utilized.

As technology advances new innovative ways to use it are being developed constantly.

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