Our Policies

Surplus Conveyors has an absolute commitment to the health and safety of our personnel, subcontractors and clients.

Our comprehensive OH&S system ensures we meet the highest workplace safety standards and best outcomes and practices for our industry.

To achieve this we:

1. Communicate Surplus Conveyors Health and Safety Policy and procedures to all staff and sub-contractors to ensure all parties are aware of their obligations.

2. Comply fully with the OHS regulations and legislation, encourage all team members to adopt a safety culture both individually and collectively, and implement safety practices as a part of all activities.

3. Continually improve our safety and health performance through a collaborative review process with our people, subcontractors and clients.


Surplus Conveyors have a Quality Management System and are currently working toward accreditation under AS/NZS ISO 9001/2008


We provide our personnel with the training required to undertake their tasks safely and efficiently. Refresher training is carried out on a regular basis to ensure compliance with current standards and legislation.

All personnel have completed the following Safety Awareness Training (Blue Card) and current first aid certificates.

Other competencies include:

  • Mechanical Fitting/machining
  • Fabrication
  • Belt Splicing
  • CAD/Drafting
  • Crane Operation
  • Forklift Operation

Environmental Program

Surplus Conveyors prides itself on being a socially responsible company.  To manage our environmental impact we have implemented an Environmental Management System. This enables us to monitor and audit the carbon footprint left by our products and processes.

With this system, we are able to identify and address potential areas of concern and ensure we take an environmentally responsible approach in our business operations.